Et tu Chrome?

Closing a tab should kill it.

I writes code, my code somehow causes an endless loop, tab gets at 25% i7 CPU.

I tells Chrome: "end it", Chrome won't close.

I wants to see under the hood to diagnose, Chrome unresponsive, forget about DevTools.

I Ctrl + Alt + Dels it

Sad Windows user

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    I don't get what Windows has to do with this when it's clearly a chrome issue but okay
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    @RememberMe it's the Ctrl-Alt-Del part, which gives it away and it's only to add further misery to my case.

    Yet still, any endless loops are bricking a tab, no way out of it.

    Even if you have added a breakpoint in DevTools to catch it, etc. Even if you press refresh, before the brick part is hit, Chrome will still run the rest of the code of that page, going in that loop, even if after refresh the new version of the code hasn't got the issue - you will have to kill the tab
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    Played with the flags? There is one to run the unload handler in the background, killing everything else simultaneously. Ran me into problems before.
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    On Linux if you are accidentally leaking memory (even in js) it will start killing processes at random and eventually freeze your desktop.
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