Yup, True

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    @norman70688 you'd be surprised how something as obvious as this makes alot of young devs feel less than...
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    If only they remember this when they take my interview
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    I always feel that I don't know enough.
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    I don't think anybody is ever happy with how much they know. You are either a Jack of all trades or a master of some. It may be easier to pick up something g similar after you've mastered something but everyone starts at the same place.

    I am nowhere near a master, but in my experience, the ease of learning something and gaining knowledge quickly comes from being able to filter correct information from a search.

    A beginner will see a new approach to a problem in a new language and automatically hate it with no basis because it doesn't co form to what they already know. A master will research why that approach was chosen and form an informed opinion based on the approach and the goals of the language.
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