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Why was the chill people thread deleted?

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    I don't even recall who started it.
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    @Alice 😂

    I suppose you are right. I hope op didn't get sued.
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    @Frederick yes! Thanks!

    @erandria what happened? Did the chill people sue you?
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    While the post was positive for people that were mentioned by others, I think it could have made people who weren't mentioned feel sad and lonely.

    I also tend to obsess over small things, treat others as if they were made of glass and am not really sure if I should have deleted it.

    sorry if it meant a lot.

    as a side note, this would have been good conspiracy material, like "yeah i got censored"...
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    @erandria wow!
    It's cool. Stay chill man.
    I was just curious.
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    @RantSomeWhere happy to hear that
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