Fine, this might be the important sticker for any fine user...

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    That actually sucks when you want to use the camera. Consider using a slider as shown below:
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    Oooooh, I like sticker covered nipples 😏
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    Physically unplugged my webcam so :x
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    I like nipple covered stickers
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    Of course a lid to swipe is the more gently way to cover the lens ... AND I ALSO PINNED the microphones at my laptop with needles to death ... so I need a headset to be microphoned ... and maybe I should also use an external cam ... this cam could easily be adjusted to whatever ... ;)
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    @irene I like to uncover them some times ... until the sticker won't stick anymore ... hihihi...
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    @Kruzifix you could just unplug them
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    So, what do you do to protect you against eavesdropping via the microphone?
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    @p1ERRson He already said it: He fucking destroyed the mic
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    @filthyranter what, i read? All of it? What should i do with my prejudice then...

    I mean:oups my bad.
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    @irene LOL I imagined the same XD (not because I'm sado, I were (and still, sometimes) cybergoth);
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    Excuse me, please. Won't bother anyone. Keep clean.
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    i love a good webcam pasty.
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    @filthyranter how much do they cost ? I mean my camera is disconnected on lappy but I would love one of thine on phone.
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    @Haxk20 Well, a few bucks on Amazon or something? It's a small piece of plastic with a bit of glue at the back (with a protective piece of plastic you need to pull off). It doesn't cost much, and I got such a thing for free at an event once as well, so it shouldn't be hard to get your hands on one.
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    @gnog but I'm not a woman either 🤔
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    Haha well... I said what was said with the possibility of being wrong, so in this case it seems I was :P
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    @gnog gotcha :D
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    I’m the only one focused on the painted nails. They look good what can I say?? Cool sticker too tho.
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    Well maybe if you take care of your laptop you won't have to use this.

    I've never done that since I'm on Linux. Not that there is no virus but:
    I've the feeling Linux viruses aren't the same than windows.
    And that no one will ever care to watch me on Linux, there is probably better stuff to grab on my Linux.
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