An original sticker from the exhibition "Hello Computer" at Tekniska Museet in Stockholm 1980 when I, 10-year old, first came in contact with a computer - an ABC80 with some chess game on it...and the rest is pretty much history :-)

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    that's awesome

    I don't remember my exactly first contact with a computer because I was too little.
    But I remember my first memories with dos and games.

    Recalling is kinda foggy but it gives me some nostalgic feelings no other experience can bring.
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    My parents actively tried to keep my brother and I away from technology during our earliest years, so my first time really encountering a computer was a new friend showing me his NES when we moved across the country (I was 6 at the time).

    First actual computer experience was about 2-3 years later when my uncle gave us his old C64/128 and XT (complete with orange monochrome monitor!), and my dad showed me the basics of how to operate them and load games on them.
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    Oooh :)
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    Abc80! Didnt go to TM so no sticker for me... Bummer. (although abc80 arrived later to my shed so C64 was about same time.
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