Can't wait until I'm done at my current workplace (about a month left). I've had enough of this fucking shitty ass ancient ASP.Net ERP-system and employer.

For the system:
1. The build times are horrendous and eats up all CPU power.
2. The "classic" UI and UX is absolute garbage. If I was an accountant, I would go nuts trying to invoice someone. Companies pay millions to use this garbage.
3. Besides the "classic UI", there is a mishmash of different JS frameworks plastered on top.
4. Absolute no fucking technical documentation whatsoever
5. The in-house relational database is a mess, no relations, entirely denormalized, no documentation.
6. The frontend is structured in HTML tables with iframes inside <td>

The company:
1. If you're a implementation consultant and you quit your job, you get stripped off all your projects, you won't get to join anything social and you're placed on 1st line support for three months. They might as well force them out.
2. Anyone can work from home anytime they feel like it without any valid reasons, and believe me they do.
3. The senior devs are overworked as all hell. By the end of the year, some of them have hundreds of flextime hours and won't get anything in return.
4. The CEO seems like a jolly guy, but when you quit, he doesn't like you at all. He also acts like a bigshot, always getting driven around meetings when there is literally a very good metro network in this city.

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    Misinterpreted "ASP.net ERP" for a moment.
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    Sounds like we’re at the same company
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    @devTea I hear ya, those are just the top of my head.
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    "Anyone can work from home at anytime". You say this like it's a bad thing. I can work from home anytime I like, and believe me I am far more productive when I do.
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    @Robinha Absolutely, I believe studies have shown increased productivity from employees having the option of working from home now and then, but in our case it gets out of hand when the office is vacant most of the time and its difficult to contact them.

    Working from home may be good for some people's productivity and also for those who have kids, but not for everyone.
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    @theuser that's a management issue then, which probably just fits in with everything else you said about the company.
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    Working from home should come with the caveat that one is reachable within a minute or two at most. Sounds like you work for a lovely company.
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    @iAmNan yeah, I use a commode as my work chair at home so I can be sure I'm available in a minute or two at all times.

    In reality I am as available at home as I am in the office. The use of slack, hipchat or Skype means I am available when at my desk. When I don't want to be disturbed, I set the availability to show that. This is the same whether I am in the office or at home. And I spend the same amount of time crapping whether I am at home or in the office.
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    @Robinha well, that's what I mean. There are people who WFH and they disappear, coz they aren't actually available for work. Lunch and the bathroom are exceptions; not referring to that. 😁
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