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I need to study.
I want to study.
But I can't.

I am 16 year old and I am in school. When I'm not studying for tests, I am programming something. I'm not finding time to do anything else. Just getting stressed.

Anyone in here started coding early too?
How do you separate time for school and for coding?

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    That's my life !
    Who cares about stupid lessons at school when U can code and have fun ?
    But seriously ! If you wanna fallow your passion in the uni , you need you need to pass so just be patient and keep the balance .
    I used to listen very carefully in the class so I learned 80% of the concept then studied or reviewed the rest of it before the exam .
    Really happy those days ended :)
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    Welcome to devRant!
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    Try to regularly do something else, like sports. You also can't really be productive while coding if your'e stressed out. Go take a walk, read some books, go to an event.

    Remember there's always another day to finish a personal project
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    You must need the balance. If you listen in class you will learn 80-90% of the stuff.
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    My solution was always fuck school. Just drop out. Move on.

    It's terrible advice. Don't do that. It worked out well for me in high school and college but it's not an optimal solution. Stay in school.

    Remember that code is less important than schoolwork (advice from a hypocrite) and just do it. But also don't try too hard. Being stressed solves nothing. Take breaks.

    And my number one stress avoidance technique: try not to plan too much. I used to Todo list everything, but you end up with this ever growing list and timeline you can't keep up with and oh my God I'm so behind! Gahhhh!!!! Planning is good, but don't over do it.
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    @kenogo Mom will kill me if I don't have good grades :/
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    I exactly know that problem, bro.
    I also did programm a lot already in my school time. (For the record, i also did sports and have a social life).
    My time mgmt hack was choosing the right topics for the hobby projects when I did explore a new progrmming language, tech or framework.

    What I did was to use school content as the domain questions for my hobby/programming projects

    e.g. when you to understand a caclulation scheme in physics or chemistry (RedOx equations, relativity physics, probability etc.) then I built a web app for it, or a CLI tool for the next thing.

    IMHO writing a tool for it helped me understand it better than doing the same calculation myself over and over.

    It ill get better. I did finish school with grades that were OK, it was enough to go for CS at university. and for a top-grade Ph.D. in it.
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    I know that problem. I don’t know how I made it through but I did (well, through high school at least).
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