Had to work in Windows today.

Ugh! how can anyone be productive in that mess???

Having to use the mouse to do anything is not productive.

It took me twice as long to do my work on Windows platform than on Linux.

I am working with a colleague this week and need to use specifically Visual Studio for its TFS, usually I am good with Jetbrains Rider on Linux.

Working in Windows is simply.....slow....In Linux I do everything I need in terminal, in Windows I have to click around find the setting or feature I need click click click....mice need to be deprecated.

And don't get me started on the directory separator, or how user permissions work, or uncommon distorted names for cli functions, or line endings!

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    Now check what someone might say about Linux(stuff that we have heard before)

    "How can anyone be productive in Linux? I have to remember a shitload of config files and terminal commands to even start working. Who has time to tweak and remember all this? I got work to do.

    And look at all this unsuported mess, do i really need to be restricted to non industry standard tools? Gimp? Libre office? Seriously?

    In windows i can just configure IIS with a couple of clicks, can't do that with Linux"

    See it works both ways. Someone can say the above without being knowledgeable of Linux and vice versa.
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    I rarely use a mouse when developing on windows. You just need to know the ecosystem you are working in.
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    Someone's not a gamer.
    Mouse sensitivity on ultra high and you don't even realise your grabbing it any more.
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    @irene got to keep up with the Asian's in FPS somehow.
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    @irene seems to work after a while.
    More reactively timed headshots then actual precision.
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    @irene agreed. I had to switch from windows, to linux to mac and having gone through all of them I have to say you're only as fast as you are familiar with the OS, end of story...
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    True, I do know this, in fact Mac is the same way, (actually worse for me than Windows)

    I'm just ranting out my frustrations.
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    I can agree on Windows being hard to navigate and configure, but not using mouse seems a bit retarded for me...

    I have colleague who does not like Windows, but is forced to use it, so he uses vim plugin for IDE, console to navigate through files and to operate with git. He spent a week preparing environment that took me 1 day. He is at 10% of my productivity declining to use mouse or IDE's tools that make my work way simpler.

    My point: don't be such elitist about using only terminal, cause in some cases that make you worse employee, as you work slower and less versatile.
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    I am certainly not an elitist. It is proven fact it takes more time to reach for mouse than to type intuitively on the keyboard.
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    There are tools for Windows that increase your productivity a tenfold, you know?
    Cygwin/WSL already help a lot.
    Cmake works nicely on Windows, too.
    And once you have substituted msvc with clang, you even got OpenMP 4,instead of the ancient 2.0 Microsoft supports.
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    @hash-table yeah might be if you are in correct place and have mastered the command line. I am just making my opinion by seeing what my colleague does. Seeing him not reaching for mouse to, let say, drag and drop files, typing commands, few times making typos, makes me think that taking that fraction of second to reach for mouse would be far more efficient, since he has IDE open and have the files visible in the project tree :/

    I myslf am mostly using keyboard and IDE shortcuts, but i.e. IDE lets me use middle mouse to rectangle selection to type in multiple lines at once, I'd rather reach for the mouse to ease the task, than try to achieve it with only keyboard. Thay was what I meant by saying using *only* keyboard is retarded. Why limit yourself.
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    the other day i was the victim of an undeniably cruel prank. left my laptop open and left the room for a moment. when i returned, apparently windows was being installed. i about lost my shit. fakeupdate.net, you got me this time :/
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    Been on windows like two months now, I feel quite good so far
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