I hear a lot of complaints that having to study math/physics/* subjects is useless, because you don't need it in 99% of the IT jobs.

But so is software engineering, isn't it?

The tiniest companies ask for doctor titles, 19 years old senior developers with 30 years experience, architects and teamleads in the job listing and when the reality hits you, you find yourself being the bugfix bimbo and red button logic designer for architectures called "big pile of shit"©®™. And it will never change!

There is no time for proper software engineering when the deadline is set to the day before yesterday. And software engineering does not yield profit immediately. A big clusterfuck of features and bugs that somehow compensate each other does.

You study all this stuff to learn how to learn. Even if "you'll never need it again"™

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    Not too many people complain about math or physics because that's understandable.

    I complain about having to take fucking art, mythology, political science, communications studies, and all the other stupid fucking classes that I learn long enough to get the grade I want and then forget.

    As for learning to learn, wouldn't it make sense to use introductory degree specific classes for that? I've had to take 2 of them that explore different media types, a bit of programming, etc. Those are the best times to instill the ability to learn, not some class a person doesn't want to take and therefore is less likely to try.

    (Note: I've complained about hating math many times, but never about having to take it because I know it's helpful.)
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    @Stuxnet I'd rather take mythology and art history classes than hello world in C# taught by a prof who has no clue about C# and never worked in the industry :D
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    @Stuxnet well you need those other classes to be a functioning member of society. It might get over your head but that's not the case for everyone.
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    @darthkebab can't relate. The vast majority of my uni's professors are actually good.

    But with a class that easy, just take the easy grade and do what the fuck you want.

    I made a 99.8% in my intro to HTML/CSS/JS class. Half the time I was watching sports or YouTube videos. I could have just skipped because they didn't take attendance.

    Being bored in a major specific class you can pass without much effort is a infinitely better than some bullshit class that you'll never ever use.
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    @Commodore political science or economic classes, sure.

    Mythology is fucking stupid and will not contribute a damn thing to being a productive member of society.
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    I loved my math and physics classes. I wish I could’ve taken more physics..
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