I really love my LabVIEW sticker cuz it's a big meme and I love my start.ca sticker cuz happiness. Also anyone know the crest sticker I have?

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    eww LabVIEW. Nobody likes LabVIEW. I totally do not have the same sticker on my old laptop and an entire sheet of them. No. Definitely not.
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    @devTea lmao itsso sick
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    Almost gave a -- for the mention of LabView... I hate that shit so much...
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    @flocke 🤣 I don't think I've ever actually programmed anything in Labview. I just know it's wrong.
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    @hyperlisk I had to learn it when I stared my PhD since almost all our instruments are controlled with it. And as someone who knew actuall programming languages before learning LabView I can confirm that it is indeed very wrong.
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