When I first started down the path to becoming a developer, I was a "business analyst" where I managed our departments reports and ended up migrating all the reports from daily query run in MS Access with Task manager and emailed out to all the managers including the VP of the entire business unit, I created
Views in the database and sent out the same spreadsheet with the view in excel daily since management didn't want "change". Granted this was at a large health care company in the US and didn't want to invest in a real dashboard for their reports. The only thing that was changed in the email and file was the file name with the current date. I left the company a while ago and recently applied for a similar position for the shits and gigs. Interviewed with the It manager and they're still using the same excel macro I wrote 3 years later.

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    One of my specialties where I work is to migrate MS Access to Oracle or SQL Server. We finally have leadership that told the business units that Access databases were not part of our tech stack, and wouldn't be supported. Between that, and some of the Access DBs hitting their size limits, we are well on the way to an Access-free environment.
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    @xinuxunil sounds like heaven. Where do I apply to be apart of an MS Access free company?

    The funny thing about that was that my department had a dedicated desktop in the office where instead of assigning someone to sit was just for running the queries in Access weekly/daily/hourly.
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