Has anyone tried HDMI to DVI+Audio Jack adapters? Are they worth their money?

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    I use a HDMI to VGA+audio. It's nice, my only complaint is that it needs a USB nor to work
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    By definition it should only work dvi / audio to hdmi. Because hdmi provides drm proof structure.
    You might get trouble playing such content. But for office situations, we regularly 'upgrade' our users stations with these and there is no quality difference in any pricing.
    So go ahead and enjoy.
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    @scor I just want to connect Xbox One to my monitor and pass the audio via the speakers
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    Please check whether xbox does drm streaming. Ps4 e. g. does. It's BluRay.
    For most consumer grade / vidya level it shall do fine.
    Things get tricky when you try to pipe some stream. You'd need some special chipset afaik.
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    Monitor speakers are never worthwhile.
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    You could use S/PDIF to RCA converter too
    (Digital to analog audio converter)
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