Did anyone notice azure seems to be down now.. Sometimes I do wonder should I create a twitter account just to swear at MS...

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    Azure has "DNS resolution issues affecting network connectivity yo Azure services", according to Microsoft.

    And it has these problems worldwide. Interesting.
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    I barely trust Microsoft to do windows updates correctly, and here you are trusting them to run server infrastructure 🤷‍♂️

    Ps: I'm not a Linux fan 😎
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    @C0D4 intriguing... In my defence I joined the party much later when the infrastructure is well in place...
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    Seriously. Isnt Azure is a cloud service and they fucked up big time.
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    @zotigapo it happens even to the best of them. remember when aws was sooo fucked up like 2 years ago?

    Ps: I don't like azure at all
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    @JhonDoe when was it?
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    @zotigapo febraury 28, 2017

    That day was a nightmare

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