Watched some documentary about Russian hackers. Journalist: I need to learn their language. - starts programming/hacking course, sees a shell and a python: runs away. 'That ain't for me.'
At least he tried tho.
Later he finds some Ukrainian hackers. One had a strangely familiar logo on his laptop. Rewind a bit: its hackthebox.
Just had my first blood there. So.. I'm a hacker, too? Good enough for Arte doc's?

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    @Alice Piece was still interesting though (https://youtube.com/watch/... at 35:36 for the HTB)

    All journalists somehow have to rely on their sources and the people that give them the contacts. That they are all 100% genuine.

    The irritation for me is manifold:

    1. Would I, wannabe hacker myself, be any better in discerning the pro? Would I recognize even a Phineas Fisher - maybe she or he's on HTB, too, who knows.

    2. With all the paranoia and hidden action of secret services, where you should not trust anybody,.. how can you believe anything?

    3. Old cold war style "block thinking" seems to resurge: The western, atlantic worldview and those opposing: may it be Russia, China, etc. - All accusing each other of lying, the truth cannot even lie in the middle.
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    This reminds me that I have to geoblock Russian ips in my ngingx conf
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    @Froot Won't they use proxies or server's elsewhere anyway?
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    @phorkyas Might do. But it's another roadblock on their way so why not
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    @Alice Double think already kicking in?
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