Goodbye for now devRant. Maybe talk to you in the future. Gonna detach for a while.

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    I just can't believe you're choosing real life over us. Do we not mean anything to you? I really thought we had something special but I guess I was wrong. It's like every time I'm about to finally be happy, the source of my happiness abandons me. When would this cycle end? 😢

    Just kidding. Go out there and spread your seeds!
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    @rutee07 spreading the seeds 💦💦💦
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    I must be batshit crazy, then. Detaching from devrant would be severing one of the few threads to balanced and normal thought I have left. I'd be afraid to detach, then, upon returning, when I say, "Open the pod bay doors, Hal," I'm told, "I'm sorry, Dave." But I'm not a programmer or developer or whatever it is that the others on here are. I just make far more sense out of the exchanges here than I do anywhere else in my life.
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    Byeeeeeeee. 👋🏼
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    Ps. You’ll be back sooner than you think. We all will be. It’s just how it is.. don’t fight it. We’re here for you when you return.
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    May the gods watch over you, tnuhb.
    We shall meet again when the time is right.
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    Are we a joke to you?
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    Bye, never liked you anyways
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    Only lasted 24 days...
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