1. When two solutions architect in their 50's started having an email fight while the other one is sharing his screen to me. It started when our SA reported an issue to the other SA's workstream. He was demonstrating one of the dev work he wanted me to do when the other SA responded to his email saying "You're just making all these issues and blaming us before we blame you." Our SA couldn't let it pass and responded while he was sharing his screen and asked, "What did I do?"

It was funny because our SA just got back from a tax break and his first innocent email ever got an aggressive response.

2. When a middleware expert bragged about her willingness to help us optimize our application. It turned out, it was their system that's causing the issue.

3. When a colleague got too comfortable and decided to respond to my work-related email about video games. I responded nicely that I didn't have time to play these days and he said, "because all you do in your condo is have sex". He was joking and he's a known dumbass, btw. I let it slide for a couple of months then after my last day, I forwarded his email to the project manager. It got him so furious and an investigation if other employees are experiencing the same behavior from that guy started.

I quit that job for other reasons but the fact that I reported it after I'm gone made my manager think that the guy was the reason I left and that I didn't feel safe saying it while I was there which made him even more angry at the guy.

4. The time when a junior developer used curse words as test data. One of them in all caps "SMEGMA". My team was pretty cool about it, had a good laugh, and just told him to stop doing it. Then he responded to my email with "EZ" which meant "easy" when I said he did a good job in one of the activities.

This triggered the fuck out of my team members and they gave him hell. No one disrespects Senpai. One of my team members made him cry and pretty much told that he hasn't proven anything yet and his attitude is fucking unacceptable.

5. When two business analysts started fighting during a conference call and the solutions architect was playing referee. One of the BAs don't know shit about the application and the other BA just told her to learn the application because it's necessary to do her job. The other BA started bitching and whining about it while the other one tells her that she's just trying to help. Then she said, "No! You're not helping anything."

And many more. I don't remember most of them.

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    For this kind shit, I wonder how old are you and how many companies have you worked at? (On site)
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    @jespersh 28. All the shit above happened in just two companies I previously worked in.
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    Hope you find a place you feel comfortable enough to call it (second) family
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    @jespersh Thanks. 😊
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    @Frederick The junior developer did a lot of offenses but I agree with you, all the "making him cry" and shit are unnecessary. The email was sent to me but even I didn't react that much. I don't think he really mean to be disrespectful, he's just one of those people who do dumb shit unintentionally. I was surprised when they got back to our workstream's area and their eyes were all red.
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