Daily scrum
Today, the Scrumpy Master was not here, so I leaded the daily scrum meeting,
rephrasing the 3 standards questions a little bit: the results where amazing.
Here my questions in case somebody want to use them:
- What the fuck did you do on Friday?
- What the fuck do you think you are doing today?
- What is your fucking problem?

We managed to keep the meeting very short and after the meeting everybody was sooooo concentrated I couldn't believe it.

Beeep Beeeeeep 7:00 o'clock. Shit. I was dreaming. Must wake up and go to work.
Scrum master will be there too.

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    Scum master :D
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    - On friday I did some fucking jquery to fetch a td inside an iframe
    - Today I'm still doing some fucking jquery to fetch a td inside an iframe
    - This fucking bullshit
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    @theuser ahahahahahahah good answer. don't know how long will stay in the team though.

    Actually in my team, a long time. You will be the only honest people at least
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    - Work that I need to fucking finish
    - That same shit from last week, maybe I'll fucking finish it
    - You, just let me go fucking finish that shit!!1!
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    You will be visited in December by the ...
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    @theuser BTW I don't think a jquery in your page can fetch *anything* in an iframe contained in that page...
    But maybe I miss context there
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    You scrum fucker in master mode.
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    @deviloper Looks like you can with contents(). Although I have no clue because I'm not going near that fucking thing
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    @theuser oh shit! Interesting, I didn't know that thanks. sooo hard to stay always updated
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