It was in old days when I was working in java and windows systems.

Java and different log4j versions across dependencies caused system not working only on production server.

Turned out some of libraries got log4j embedded and conflicted with other log4j.

It worked in all computers except production one.

Actually that was my main reason to switch my career to python after that dependency hell.

Another one was windows server 2008 tcp connection limit set to 200 or something.
We needed to change registry to get our servers working. After this case we finally managed to convince people to switch to linux.

Anyway any non standard error when you got multiple layers communicate with each other is hard, practice make it easier to solve those problems as your success moment comes faster.

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    You switched to python because of dependency hell?
    If I can recall one thing Python is famous for, its for making it easy, to create a dependency-hell.
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    @metamourge never spotted so creepy like working on my computer and not giving any error messages.
    I switched my career path, those systems are probably still in java 1.6
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    log4j is the center of hell, in dependencies level
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    This was a significant problem before the likes of Maven central came into force - these days though those conflicts should be rare to non-existent.
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