I'm working on a very-customized web player at work.
I filled my code with a plenty of comments, many to justify those functions / fixes.

For those comments, Safari is depicted as worse than Edge.
Is it even possible?

The next dev, which will take my code in his hands, must know how much we suffered to build it.

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    Yes. Now that IE is dead, Safari has taken over last place. Edge isn't terribly far ahead. But no matter how frustrating Safari is, remember that IE was that much worse.
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    We need more frustrated youtube-devs. They halfed ie users in a few months. I think they could do the same with safari.
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    @stop I agree ROTFL

    @Root I found Edge weirdly not that bad. The only thing is that it is not updated as much as the competitors, like in the latest Javascript technologies or CSS statements.
    And it was a bit slow and not that full for what concerns debugging and so on... But never mind, now that it will inherit Blink+V8, it will leave definitely to Safari the last place.
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    @eXander Edge really isn't that bad. It isn't great, but it's a huge improvement over IE. It's a solid middle-ground browser.
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