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    goto has got unnecessary amount of stigma yet it still is inside almost every language. Did you ever ask yourself why? For legacy code? Not something new versions of languages should worry about. And what if I told you that goto can make your code look cleaner? Make it compile faster? Make it possible to jump between two loops? Now that would be a heresy wont it? Look into use cases for goto statement and lets stop killing the goto statement, but to discipline ourselves to learn WHEN they should be used. :)
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    Makes me think of the devRant podcast when Andy Hunt mentioned there being a "time when goto; was considered a valid control structure."

    Dude that's like when mankind figured out you could break a rock by hitting it with another rock. Funny thing is, that wasn't that long ago.

    Shit man, we've come so far in the past ~15 years. Makes me imagine what we're going to be capable of when I'm his age.

    I literally cannot imagine what it's going to be like because nobody has imagined those things before.

    If you went back in time and asked Andy Hunt what tech would look like in 2016, I'm pretty sure it'd be way off. We're talking about like when ARPANET was the pinnacle of human telecommunication.

    Think about that for a second. Telecommunication. Not the "internet." Not "the web." They didn't call it the internet because that didn't exist yet.

    mind.blown = true;
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