Actually have a dev thing to say now.

I wrote a script to compile my kernel with the latest mainline version using my current config options. It works...so far. I'll check back with it in a couple months and hope it still works good. It also checks daily if my kernel is out of date (yes I'm one of those, fight me)

Also managed to get my laptop to boot from power on to LightDM in 15 seconds, and 9 of those seconds are firmware. It DOES have this thing on occasion where it freezes during the boot process while initializing everything tho?? I've been meaning to try and figure it out for a minute but I put it off so much cause I don't reboot that often anyways.

As for a personal update, I hung out with some good friends today and my best friend heard my singing voice for the first time, she said I have a good voice (she does a lot of musicals and stuff and just sings all the time, so I trust her opinion). I also gave that friend a gaming laptop as a late birthday gift/early graduation gift today because she doesn't have anything to game on and I didn't really use the laptop much anyways. Plus she's like my favorite person ever and she really deserves it. Unrelated note, I have had an off and on crush on this girl for 2 years. She's always been there for me and she's just an amazing person.

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    omg when people compliment your singing, it feels so gooood.

    bw are boot times with an ssd?
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    @erandria YES IT IS A GOOD FUCKING FEELING HOLY SHIT! I've always thought my singing voice was trash cause when I was a kid, I remember my brother telling me that it was trash, so since then I just hated my own voice. And now hearing from my closest friend that I have a good voice is an amazing feeling

    And yes those boot times are with an SSD, I have a 1tb 860 EVO in here. (Attached a scrot to prove my time)
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    Date her mate! Go for it :D

    About the kernel stuff btw, I've tried to automate mainline compilations before but found the config to be rather unstable across releases, very hard to automate. Could you let me know your experience with it after a couple of weeks or so? And is this script out there somewhere? I've published mine at https://github.com/toloveru/... if you're interested.. butfugly and old code though, please don't judge 😛
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    @Condor My script is kinda specific to Arch itself, and I put it together in like 30 minutes one night cause I was fucking lazy, so obviously it needs work, but it fucking works for right now.


    Also the check for updates is run at boot then every 24 hours in my polybar config (hence the internet connection check at the start, cause I have dhcpcd set to background so it'll start while everything else is booting, and I can be logged before it finishes up due to my low boot time). Basically it's similar to https://xkcd.com/1172/ where a single change could throw my shit off right now.

    EDIT: Also something in the compilation doesn't want to work in the script right now?? Kinda too lazy to look into it tho, cause it just ends up pulling /proc/config.gz anyways, so I took the middle man out of it (bad practice, I know)
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    @infernalempress Tell me about bad practices, lol. Just looked again at my code 2 years later (it's abandonware pretty much at this point) and apparently genius me decided at the time to hardcode a UID in, Torvalds' and Kroah-Hartman's PGP keys, and create a pidfile that's really just a lockfile. And finally, rather than parsing the JSON file from kernel.org, I parse the website instead... Quality design :3
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    @Condor So I've been looking over my script and yours, and I didn't even think of checking kernel.org for the latest version lmao. I just used the PKGBUILD cause it's a personal script for my Arch system. Eventually it'll fail, but I might use that method myself.
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    @jOkEr-jAsE New account this week?
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    @infernalempress please don't use my script for it though.. it's buggy and really poorly implemented. But yeah you can use https://kernel.org/releases.json - but the compilation and especially the automatic configuration process can get a bit tricky with those though.
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    @jOkEr-jAsE are you getting banned, or do you just self delete?
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