I think I'm getting to the point to where I'm burnt out at my job. Don't get me wrong, it's a great place to work. But it is very, VERY boring. And I'm starting to struggle to even pay attention anymore. I know it's important but I'm struggling to care. How am I supposed to do good work when I can barely even focus? Good code is not magic! I can't be barely holding my eyes open and expected to be worth anything.

I'm also still technically a junior developer which I have some issues with >_>

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    How is the atmosphere in the company? Perhaps it's worth to have a chat with someone? Just expressing the boredom, maybe suggest or ask if you could spend some "lul" time to do something that might be both interesting and useful for the company.

    You are a junior after all and juniors need time to be able to learn.

    Honestly, I'm a senior currently and boredom is something that I've started calling "dear friend" a long time ago...
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    @Voltairepunk it's intensely corporate. Very gray, very "business" oriented. The kind of place where people try to convince themselves their work is "interesting" and "exciting"

    But it's not. The nature of the work, without revealing too much of myself, is inherently dry. It's important stuff but it is about as technical and beaurocratic as you can get.

    And I am considered a junior, it's probably more accurate to say I have ~3 years of experience with this past year being really grindy. I've gone from barely being able to throw together shotty work to a main contributor on my project and even informally mentoring others outside of my project.
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    @redman seriously considering job hunting. Thing is I may be up for promotion early next year. Don't want to short myself taking up a job somewhere else and having my position where I'm at now set a low bar as far as compensation goes.

    If I go to a different job I'd want like a 20+% salary increase, but what I'm getting now is on the generous end of the scale so... Doubt anyone is gonna go for that.
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    @Crazed Į would think redman's advice is pretty solid.
    Honestly it's almost as if you're working in my own company. Old legacy projects, company's stuck in a beaurocratic infinite loop. I feel your pain.
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    @Voltairepunk that's the crazy thing, the project I'm working on is fairly new and doing some pretty new industry best practices. It's just boring lol. Wish I knew how to explain it but I guess just the lack of passion makes the job feel like just cranking out code that fits some arbitrary spec set by some business stranger. At one point I felt pride over how much I've contributed, and I guess I still do? But the quality of my code has fallen off as I have started feeling nauseous doing the same thing over and over in silence.
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    @redman and you're totally right, it wouldn't make me less bored. My job would be about the same. Unfortunately money means a lot as I have student loans to pay off and rent to pay :/ I'm a bit nervous to look at other jobs because if it goes badly and I end up unemployed I'd be in a really bad situation.

    But I would probably take less than that 20% increase figure just to work somewhere that makes me look forward to going into work in the morning rather than considering if I should take a sick day to just avoid the monotony that is my day job
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