junior be like:

git add
git commit
*wait 0.2 sec*
git push

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    Nothing to worry about if you are the only one working on a repo.

    Edit: even if you weren't what is wrong with pushing when you intended to push? Worst case scenario is a pull.
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    if your are not the only one who work on this branch, taking the time to check if it compile well and pass the test and it is not going to broke something is a must before pushing a commit ^^
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    @zarocks compile/test before commit
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    before push * ;)
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    @zarocks before commit
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    @zarocks why would you have multiple people work on the same branch unless they are pair/mob programming ? Work on your own branch as intended and require tests to pass before merging to master
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    Hummm... accurate
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    That would be nice. My last project was a single TFS "branch" for like 10 people from 2 different countries 😑
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