What do you think about Godot Game engine?

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    Used it to build a game for a client. Didn't have any experience in game development and godot saved my ass.
    If I ever had to develop games again, godot would definitely be the engine
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    Best no-bullshit engine out there.

    Well, programming inherently involves bullshit. I should say minimal-bullshit.
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    Lightweight, works without much set up, don't need an account and other crap. Comes with a dark mode (looking at you Unity Personal). It's a great little engine that can do great things.
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    I've only used it for 2D stuff, in which it is much better than Unity. Unity is improving their tooling but it's still a struggle.
    I think Godot functions very well, development is going quicker and quicker plus it's open source! (:
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