Watching my first demo of Outsystems low code bullshit. What self respecting dev would WANT this as their environment?? How the complete fuck is this a thing??? Buncha lazy shits...

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    What is it?
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    @alexbrooklyn Low code. They let you drag and drop childish icons into a flow chart and it creates the program for you. It’s like forms in visual studio but shit.
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    @broseph oh god, I get Mendix or Game Maker vibes

    Why do they always act as if writing code is bad or difficult, next they'll give SSH a drag and drop bash program
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    I'll bite and share my 2 cents since it took me one month working *at* OutSystems to get it.

    I joined OutSystems as a Tech Lead after freelancing for about 6 years (Rails, GWT) and for a while looked at it as just a RAD tool that generated code for me (code that I knew I could code better / using better patterns).

    As I got into it I started notice something: I was no longer working against the computer/compiler/framework/editor/language/package manager. All of the things that used to take most of my day were gone. When I opened the IDE I was creating actual features, not just code to support those features. I could prototype, iterate and deliver my work faster and for the first time in years I stopped doing overtime and working on weekends.

    So... that's my experience. Happy to answer any questions you might have about life on this side of the wall.
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