The original dark souls worth 10 bucks? gamestop is doing a 2 for 20 thing on preowned 360 titles, found it and skyrim lengendary edition. They've got dark souls 2 as well, but its only $5 oddly enough so I wouldn't be getting anything off.

There's also soul caliber 5 and one of the injustices but I forget which one. Fable 2 goty but its just over the price cap...

God we've got to get a new system soon 🙄

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    I think it is. Keep in mind that it's only 30fps@720p. You would need the PC edition with dsfix to get fullhd resolution.
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    @bosi i'm not picky about graphics. my hd tv is shit for gaming anyway, some sort of feature i forgot the bane of that makes all the shadows extra black so its usually hard to see anything on the screen unless the map your on was meant to be well lit.

    Or maybe thats something to do with what your talking about, idk. I gave up fucking with the settings within a game or two and just hooked the thing up to the god knows how old, non-smart, flat screen I've been lugging around all these years 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    @bosi when they say open world, are we talking open world like fable, or open world like fallout? Not that both weren't nice but fable was barely non-linear
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    @M1sf3t I think it's a shame but I've played none of both.
    If you look at ds it is one connected world with many areas, bosses, chests and so on. You can even get into areas with far too strong enemies if you go the wrong way.
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    Hey, just casually stalking your profile. Did you play Dark Souls? Unique game imo, never finished it tho because I rerolled and then burned out. Classic. It's still on my bucket list though.
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    @ihatecomputers not yet the car i was working on got caught up in a minor family feud so i'm still waiting to get the go ahead to finish and get paid.

    Also I'm gonna need you to sign a waiver as a precaution. The last couple of stalkers I had later claimed insanity 💁🏻‍♂️
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    @M1sf3t Ah, family feuds, they truly are the Dark Souls of feuds 😏

    Uh, about that waiver... It wouldn't hold up in court since I'm akready insane. Toodles, see ya on your next post!
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