i’m curious, how many programming-motherfuckers do we have on here?


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    I'm not a programming motherfucker but you have 666 likes
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    @lucadev thanks for the mugshot!!
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    As someone who has been told to memorize the agile manifesto for an upcoming exam because the lecturer really wants to force it all the way down your throat and leave no room for you to dislike or question any part.. I would like to sign up 🙃 limited industry experience but it already annoys me, lol.
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    @Elyz ouch ..

    you have better tools to fight it back than most of us old peep, by understanding it early

    welcome in !
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    Im far from that, i like agile, scrum. It is only working when everyone does it though. So also managers and customers.
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    @Codex404 i heard some good story of working agile team, but i have never experienced it myself. YMMV
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    @oreru Thanks for sharing motherfucker! I ordered my shirt 😎
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    Some motherfucking programmer should learn about when and where to use fucking red. My eyes I just want to stab them and throw them at the fucker who made me go blind, fuck even the layouts are fucked from the motherfucker who can't add responsive tags to a fucking image

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    I'm like the biggest Zed Shaw fanboy. His “Learn … the Hard Why” series are some of the best books on programming out there.
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    yeah, im one of these apparently lol.
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    @DubbaThony welcome to DevRant
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    Oh man I forgot about this site. Thanks!
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    @Codex404 Agreed - it's not just pushing out code, but also making sure the code you write is the code you've been asked to write. The wrong functionality will break a project, no matter how good the code.
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    @oreru Hello. Accidently found this place and im loving it. freedom to say whatever is on your mind:
    - someone reads it. Even understands me (rarity)!
    - i can be self if im pissed or legitimately hate something. and its not banned in rules :D
    - i can read others pissed and it kindda helps.
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