Probably old but made me laugh way more than it should have XD

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    Where is XP?
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    Win2K was my favorite one ... rock solid and stable. It was also the last one I used at home.
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    This remembers me at my first windows installation. Windows 95 delivered on 30 disk size 3.5 Zoll.

    Please insert disk 7, 5, 19, 12 and so on.

    One fucking hour or so.

    🤔 The good old times.
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    @Minion XP and vista are on a different dimension XD
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    @Minion "I'm thinking of a number between Millennium and Vista"
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    @JackToolsNet you wanted to say "that reminds me of xyz" instead of "that remembers me at xyz". It's an easy mistake when translating from some languages. :)
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