Just WHYYYYY TNT? Have you run out of tracking numbers???

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    What the fuck?
    Sounds like a great way to steal packages.
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    @Root Its only the tracking info. So not really possible to change delivery settings. Still bad practice of them.
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    @JFK422 "hey, I see this other package is also going to my city, and will be dropped off at 4pm. It's not that far out of my way...."
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    @Root Oh, I forgot that in other countries they usually just place the package at the door and are not really required to have it signed.
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    @JFK422 Requirements depend on the country and carrier, and following those requirements very much depends on the delivery person. Many of them here indicate the package was "handed to homeowner/recipient" when they just tossed it towards the front door and didn't bother to see where it landed. I've picked up several packages from my walkway, some from the driveway, and some from beside the house. 🙄

    Stealing packages here would be bloody easy.
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    Do they really have more than 1 billion packages in the go at one time? Could they honestly not deal with a 9 digit order reference?
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    *laughs in GDPR*
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    @Charon92 Never ever ever use sequential IDs for anything public-facing. Scraping data from these is trivial.
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    Sounds very much like "we couldn't figure out how to make globally unique tracking numbers across server clusters so fuck it"
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