Is there room for docker in an agency environment? Or should it be utilized solely for larger scale application deployment?

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    Docker should be used when the environment of your application is just as important as your application.
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    I wouldn't recommend it everywhere, but I almost use it every chance I get especially whenever I'm working with pipelines. It can make it super easy to upgrade, setup and intergrate environments
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    It's zero cost to use it basically
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    I worked on a large project at an agency which had high turnover due to the fucking awful working conditions.

    I can’t count how many times devs spent manually recreating dev environments when being onboarded/getting a new machine.

    It took a day to provision the environment manually for people who had done it before...
    And there were often inconsistencies regarding what versions of software people were running.
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    @alexbrooklyn CORRECT.

    Don't use technology just because it is a TREND, ask: does it solve any of your problems?

    Does it introduce new problems or complexity?

    In your case I think its a yes, since your its easier for the clients to run your deliverables, less setup instructions.

    However, some clients may not use docker before/don't know what it is and they will have trouble setting it up - Ask the clients how they want it to be delivered.
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    For some projects, I just use docker for development...

    This way I won't bloat my machine with dependencies and their different versions.
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    Lol I use docker to parse out a variable in a Jenkins sleeve because I can't be bothered to install node on it and the Jenkins declarative pipeline syntax makes it impossible to accurately use grep & sed.

    So, yes.
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    It all dependa on your deploy workflow I guess.

    You could use VMs instead fo containers too, like vagrant.

    If the sites are WordPress or static don't be the asshole that ads complexity to those kind of applications
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