installing adobe acrobat 2017 messed up my system. time for a fresh new installation. hooray.

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    Sounds like a problem I don’t have as a Linux user
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    @FrodoSwaggins actually, that's something I can totally see happening on a linux distro, at the same time instead of "time for a fresh install" it's "but I'm alright now - fixed it with a bit of googling and checking logs".
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    @theKarlisK it’s all about the literacy in the environment. If something tells you “the problem is x” but you don’t know what x is, it might be hard. But at least with most software that is popular in Linux it tells you “the problem is X” whereas with windows there’s a problem and you don’t really know what the problem is or is about. I’ve found once you know how to read logs and search man pages then you’re good to go basically.
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