No I won't do this months update(s) as I'd heard so much bad shit about them.

Good thing I have turned off my updates..

I'll just go and hibernate my PC as I'm not going to be using it for a few hours..

You bastard !

-Update and shutdown
-Update and restart

FX [ Checks updates are blocked... ]

Says they are blocked, but obviously not !

Damn it !

I may be some time . . .

Fingers crossed.

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    Stop the Windows Update service and delete the contents of C:\WINDOWS\SoftwareDistribution.
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    Newer PC, the one I was expecting all the issues with because its got SSD drives, failed though without any hitches.

    Rebooted again, all appears fine..

    Older PC, the one with IDE drives, 10+ years old, that also has its updates blocked (As per advice here!) was merrily updating itself when it hung..

    Great !

    So, wait a bit and hit reset and see if it recovers or goes into some horrible mess..

    I may be some time, again . . .
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    Spotted advice too late !
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    Rebooted older PC, it booted fine to desktop.

    Phew !


    Windows Update blocker won't unblock updates..
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    I think trying to fight Windows Update is quite a pointless thing to do. It has medic services and whatnot to keep it running. What I suggested was merely a way to buy some time. If you haven't installed critical updates in two months, then sure, it will want to reboot during work, but if you set up Active Hours properly and make it so you have 10-20 minutes per week to install updates and possibly reboot, it won't bother you.
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    I wanted to try and avoid this issue:


    Previously this caused an issue for me:


    So I wanted to avoid updating till they had deployed a fixed update.
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    Older backup PC, restarted it this morning and met with:

    "DPC Watchdog Violation BSOD Error"

    Great ! NOT. :-(

    I'd already rebooted it after the updated twice and it was fine !
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    In an effort to try and keep Windows Updates off my back, I've also fiddled in advance options:

    Choose when updates are installed:

    Semi_annual Channel

    365 days, and 30 days.

    Hopefully that will help.
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    Rebooted older PC twice, and hibernated and woke it up, all fine..

    Though I notice when booting into Windows 10 now, it claims all my HD's are removable..
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