My company is against developers working remotely.. wtf?

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    Maybe some are not being productive?
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    Your company is stupid.
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    @devTea I've been told that that's just how the French corporate culture is (French owned based in Houston)

    Other colleagues are adding pressure to upper management to allow this.

    There is zero technical reason I need to drive 2 hours a day getting two and from work and putting wear and tear on the car
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    Tell them to offer you French vacation benefits too 😉
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    @TheyCallMeMJ I did. I suggested that we merge holidays bidirectionally so the French will have ours and we'll have their once per week holiday schedule ;)
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    the company I work at doesn't allow it unless for emergencies. It sucks because I spend half my salary on public transport and a total of ~4 hours a day traveling.
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    My reasoning is that I don't need to be around other people and I would quite prefer not to be, at home I can control my environment, I can be comfortable and I can write even better code. I end up working longer hours at home and I get better rest. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ good news is there are plenty of companies where this is a-ok :)
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    Remote is good if you want to just get by.
    Remote sucks hard if you actually want to grow and make an impact
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