The day that the back-end of the team complained loud and clear to boss that my code was bad because I wasn't giving support to IE5 and IE6.

At that time IE7 was already dying and the global usage was less that 5% in total (adding IE7 and IE8).

After 15 mins of heated argument between me and her (note that all this time she didn't give a fuck while I mentioned numbers to support my point), boss who wasn't even listening just asked:

Boss: will you develop faster if you don't need to worry about them?
Me: Yes.
Boss: fine, don't think we need to give support to them.

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    In 2019 I have 0 intent on supporting I at all.

    Like it's not even on my computer anymore lmao
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    @Stuxnet saaame! The only support we give at work is to edge simply because the code runs without problems xD
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    WTF! IE5? WTF is that even on? Like Windows 95? Who the hell is running Windows 95?

    At this point in time, even Windows XP has IE 11. I support IE 11 only.
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