Windows is bloated and expensive Linux distro. Change my mind! 😄

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    Windows sucks reeeeee
    It’s GNU/Linux reeeeeee
    Open source reeeeee
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    @devTea *sheds a tear* it's so beautiful
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    @Stuxnet basic stereotypes you usually read
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    @devTea oh I know

    I usually go with "windows bad reeeee" but you just hit three for one. 🙏🏻
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    Then run your fucken x86 elf binary right after you started the x server in it. Furthermore i'd like to see you pinging a server, at least 5 times in one command run. Not only 4 times. After you did this you should really install LXDE via terminal only and chose it on login because it's more slim.

    And then please downgrade your system like 4 major versions, but use tty3 to do so.
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