We were running an obfuscator as part of our build pipeline, but also were not. I discovered we had disabled every rule, and after asking around it turns out that the obfuscator broke the app (because of reflection and things I won't go into).

So I turned it off.

An hour later the CTO came to me and said to put it back. "We have to obfuscate, put it back."

"But... it wasn't doing anything, other than slowing the build down."

"I don't care, we HAVE to run obfuscation. It's in our contract with the client."


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    How much does it actually add though? Also what language?
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    And do they tell the client you are using transparent obfuscation?
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    that's fucked up!
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    If running obfusctor that doesn't do anything fulfills the contract AND if you're paid to wait for it every time you build... Time for chair jousting!!
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    @alexbrooklyn it added about two minutes, and it's C#
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