ok seriously, wtf cspire. You've got the same two bars of lte that you had yesterday, how did you go from two mbps to this....

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    Connection bandwidth and connection strength are pretty orthogonal, aren't they?
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    @irene i gotta be honest, your going to have to explain that one, it's been a while since linear algebra.

    I feel like the network is overloaded, both here and the old house the numbers would fluctuate pretty badly. During the day at least, it's pretty stable a 3am 🙄
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    @M1sf3t you can be located right near the router and have high signal strenth but if the amount of clients is big then the bandwidth available to each one will be low despite the signal strength.
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    @irene ok yea, we're on the same page now. Your right, it's been like this since they started offering unlimited data.

    Cspire is the old cellular south company that used to only cover the southeast. They've always had the best signal in the area, mostly because the nationwide companies always seemed to have bigger fish to fry.

    When data packages became a thing, it was a toss up between them an verizon as to who would be more consistent. None of the other carriers came close unless you were in a city. The only catch was you paid a little more for your data.

    Then unlimited data happened and someone there got the bright idea that they should try to compete directly with verizon and over the same package for a lower price.

    We've been dealing with this shit ever since, one minute your happily streaming along, next your reseting your connection because it completely shut off and won't respond anymore 🤦🏻‍♂️
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    Look. It's the past !!
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