Duckduckgo has much better search results than Google..

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    Google's results
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    Lol @ google for not putting the actual page in front of twitter and other similar fuckshits.
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    @Quirinus yes that's my point too
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    That's because duckduckgo focuses on giving you the most relevant content, not the most popular one
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    It also has Yandex, the Russian spy network
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    I use duck duck go and it’s pretty good but sometimes I find its results to be worse than Google’s...
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    agree with @FelisPhasma,
    i have tried to switch several times in the past, but it never stuck, the algorithm feels very inferior...
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    @ganjaman source on duck duck go using Yandex? Uhh not from the top of my head but Google it, it's there 😀 sry
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    I use DuckDuckGo on my phone, and so far the search results have been what you'd expect. On my PC I use ecosia (Bing, but the revenue is used to plant trees) and those results are fine too. The only thing I need google for is reverse image search.
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    Yeah, no.
    That's just not true.
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    Maybe in this specific case but in general its not even close (from my experiences at least)
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    @Conrad i find Tineye better than google reverse image search
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