I have never encountered a better wrapper for graphical remote access than remmina. I have yet to find one for Mac that I really like, and I haven't found one for Windows that I like at all.

I have used chicken and finder's built-in client, but neither particularly impress me. Do you have one for Mac that you swear by?

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    I like the v10 of the Windows RDC. It's configurable and you can save multiple remote sessions. It's pretty darn seamless. So much so that I forget that I'm using it and from time to time try to drag an app to the second screen on my dual screen setup. That would be cool to open an app on the remote and drag it to the local machine. I need to take a closer look at the screen settings, because you can set it independently of the remote machine. I set it to 4K one day, even though the remote was 1633x768 screen. Wow, those were tiny letters. Hoping to find a string that lets me down the remote session on my local 24" dual monitors. I only do CLI in *nix, I use Ubuntu as my remote ssh term to the *nix servers.
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    Does it support VNC?
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    @bahua I'll have to check tomorrow
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    @iAmNaN There is an option to have your RDC session set to dual screen. I think it works just like the normal windows display settings. You just have to set it in the settings of the RDC session
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