Just saw someone's first post and they said they have been a reader on here for a while and I was wondering how many users there are that have not posted anything

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    I've seen a lot that make an account and then never post or ++ anything.

    And if they do anything, it's like ++ one or two things.
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    according to https://devrant.com/rants/2067171
    there are 13755 people with no rants and 14838 people with no comments but that data is incomplete
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    @terraria99 damn I missed that.

    Thanks for showing it!
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    L33chers rulez (or something like that) 😉

    And to those I'd like to say, welcome! Drop a line and say hi 😉
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    @terraria99 Yep, had to stop devrant-stat's data collection because it was causing too much load on dR's servers.
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    I comment and ++ but never ranted so far. For the most part theres usually a rant by someone else that describes my frustrations and Im just happy someone else sufers too >:D
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