Today my life was saved by some fellow devs here on devRant and for those who helped(I will try to @yall in the comments), thank you so much you saved me! And more importantly saved me from all that fucking stress, which was plaguing me all day and breaking me down and lately I’ve needed that kind of pick me up. I felt so relieved I took a glorious nap! It was so needed and my head felt so much less like I bashed it into a wall piled with stress.

Recently I’ve started to actually make friends from people on devRant and it makes me excited because I can actually talk about programming/get help if I need it and they are able to. And talking things out and getting explanations for questions I have it just feels so wonderful.

Things have been luckily lookin up a bit and it’s giving me some hope and inspiration to do more.

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    @Charon92 @sbiewald thanks for the help :)
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    No problem dude. Take it easy and make sure you look after yourself. Stress is a killer and proper sleep is so fucking helpful. Happy I could help 😁
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    As an aside, there are plenty of people on here who'll help each other out if needed. We're mostly not scary.
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    Report your location! We will go bang hotchicks together and talk dependency injection in dot net.
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    @nam17887 that sounds like a fucking great weekend!! XD
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    @Charon92 yeah that sleep was so fucking helpful like I didn’t realize it would be so helpful
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