I really hope that the Raspberry Pi 4 is going to have more performance than the models of the "third gen". I would probably use it as a desktop computer when it's just for browsing and chatting, as opposed to my current PC which I'm sure draws a lot of power while idling or having only little to do.

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    Same, just out of curiosity I tried running Blender on my Pi 3 and it actually worked, raytracing and all, I was somehow (*somehow*) able to model a very basic model and have it render it out with a simple metallic looking material.

    If it can do that I'm hoping the 4 can run everyday tasks.
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    @RememberMe Which is exactly what I'm talking about. If the Pi 4 can play 1080p60 video that's not H264 smoothly (falls under browsing for me), I'm going to take it. :)
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    You can get some Intel atom based computers in a small form factor for pretty cheap.
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    If it has more than 1/2 gig of ram then I’ll very happy!
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    @RocketSurgeon I don't like Intel Atom. It's a mess.
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    @RememberMe @kescherRant any tips on terribad disk I/O? I had a relatively cheap SD card at first, which caused Pi to be really sluggish and slow... I upgraded to a much faster SD card as suggested but it's still slow as shit - it can handle the headless server mode pretty alright but you can completely forget the GUI mode. Which is why it just sits on my desk half-propping up my monitor. I always wished to set it up as sort of a portable "terminal" that I can lug around in my backpack and use where ever I don't want to lug my heavy ass 17" laptop.
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    @theKarlisK Use USB. Let SD only serve as bootloader.
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    @kescherRant oh damn ... that's a perfect suggestion! I tried going the USB way but did it completely wrong by trying to boot everything off from the USB (which, didn't work out obvisouly).
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    I hope will have usb-c
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