One more day before the work week ends. I have only one wish - for the database servers to stop going down while I'm testing so I wouldn't have to torment myself this weekend for not finishing anything! I didn't realize that my mind has considered it a "treat" to stay a little longer in the office and learn new stuff. A treat that I get for suffering at the gym.

"If I go to the gym now, I wouldn't have to tomorrow and I can do more stuff at work."

I can feel my head exploding. I thought I was gonna throw up or faint. My legs shook the whole time and I didn't think I would last for an hour. I hope my body doesn't become as sore as it was before so I can still work tomorrow. I know you thought about something dirty after reading that or maybe after this sentence but I haven't watched porn for a week.

Sweet Jesus, I'm so sorry to all the people I laughed at who made those funny struggling faces and occasionally scream "raaaah" while working out. I realized I made the same face today and didn't give a shit because I just want it all to end.

Forgive me, I'm stupid.

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    Do a rage ahegao face ;)
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    I feel you....
    At least you can rant here.
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    don't overdo it. i once did that and had to work on a lower floor level that week. well, i couldn't walk the stairs anymore and had to go up and down constantly. was not fun at all
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