Fuck me man.

Last week when I needed to study for final exams, I wanted to learn all the codes.

Now that I'm free, all I feel like doing is sitting around and watching TV.

It's literally day #1 of my summer break omfg this is ridiculous

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    What do you mean by "learn codes"
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    @xkill literally just meant I wanted to work on projects and learn.

    @kescherRant no. I meant what I said.
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    @Stuxnet Okay well

    what do you mean by codes?
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    For me coding starts with a good idea.
    1. The idea
    2. Draft your code in your mind or on paper (this really helps)
    3. Start coding
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    @kescherRant like @jAsE said.

    It's just some stupid slang(ish) thing.
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    I usually build up motivation towards the last week before the end date of one of my classes lol it’s insane but it seems to work for me for some reason. 80’s and 90’s on exams and excels requirements far.

    Pomodoro technique and the fact that I’m wasting money if I fail a class is more motivation that I would ever need lol
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    @Stuxnet this appends to me litteraly every fucking year after final exams.

    Currently, I have to work on my internship report and on my graduation thesis but all I want to do is to learn new stuff.
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    Take a couple of days off 😊
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    @shivayl this, this actually works.

    @Stuxnet Other approaches are to make you care about it somehow. Promise to explain it to a friend/teach a workshop on it and you'll find yourself motivated in no time (I've volunteered to teach weird stuff like quantum computing at workshops to give myself the get-off-your-ass-and-learn-it kick, also works great because people are happy to accept off-meta and cool ideas generally). Even better if you can incorporate it into your curriculum/interest/work deadlines somehow eg. I learnt how to build fairly good raytracing acceleration data structures because my final year project proposal revolved around it.

    Basically, deadlines rock.
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    @RememberMe I'm about to make a shitty demo site to take to a small store that had mentioned wanting a site a few months back.

    Try to make a little quick cash while learning and doing what I like.
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    @ op: happens to me all the time. Feels shitty man. :(
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