We overcome the DLL hell only to enter in a new era: the node_module hell.

That's the reason I hate nodejs/npm: 200-500 mbytes to develop a PWA (I'm talking the space used when you are programming, not the release/publish version).

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    yeah no shit

    that's why ryan dahl is creating deno
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    lol, so instead of just dump it all kinds of new ways are invented to keep js out of only as browser scripting language.
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    How is dev time disk space a problem again?

    @jesustricks I'm 99% sure deno will flop. Unless it's done as a plug in replacement.
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    @Froot if you think this rant is about disk space, think and read again, and then think again.

    Spoilers: it's not about disk space.
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    @maushax ummm, okay. Elaborate? Because I still dont the get it
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