Just gonna leave this here:


Like who the fuck puts releases in their own git repo? Apparently this guy.

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    Well I mean some people don't know how to use git, its kind of something I'd do unless I actually read into it
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    Its like he havent seen the releases tab
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    Software built with Unity... Yikes
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    @Salzian what's the trouble with that?
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    @dudeking I dunno, I don't even have good reasoning, it just feels wrong.
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    @Salzian if a game is made in unity it means it can only be assembled/built only with Unity.

    If you say that Unity in itself is shit then it's like saying "screwdriver bad tool"

    It's all good for a seperate purpose
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    @dudeking No its just that working with Unitys UI system on an extensive basis causes brain damage and working on software in a component based environment is weird.

    There are some use cases when you NEED a good 3D engine like for example a map editor that is technically a software but I've seen regular Android apps that are Unity games which is just like a weird tool to be used for the job.
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    @Salzian Idk, after they updated it it feels very nice and natural and comfortable to use really
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