So this isn’t a programming related question.

Does anyone know if learning things while listening to something while you sleep actually shows results?

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    Tried. Zero result.
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    @irene I’ll try a few times but if nothing happens then I guess it doesnt work
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    The results usually show up throughout the week. You’re tired because you don’t sleep well.
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    I tried before and it works for me.
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    @Zerocchi What did you try to learn?
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    @ScriptCoded networking stuff I guess 😂
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    ... omelette au fromage?
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    There is no trustworthy research that states it works.
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    To get this to work, you must use repetition, if you play something over and over and over on repeat sleeping it will go directly into sub conscious mind... you won’t be able to access command but you will eventually feel as tho you already “knew” it when you go over the material or similar material while awake... it may also appear in your dreams.. if you practice lucid dreaming it will be even easier... try listening to the same thing on repeat while sleeping for a week. Also if it’s hard to “fall asleep” while listening.. try using a timer where the sound or play button won’t be pressed or delayed start for like an hour or 2 from the point you want to fall asleep .. and slowly raise the volume over a period of time not to wake you up, by the disturbance.. you want your mind to think it’s between white noise and someone talking in another room... train yourself and the whole process will become easier over tile
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