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I live in a large shared house. It's nice, the people are generally good and we're all friends. Now for the rant.

I've been feeling pretty I'll for about a week now, started with a migraine, then the glands in my neck started swelling, feverish, my eczema started playing up and now my brain is basically in fire on one side of my head, and everyone in the house knows this.

Last night I decided to try and just get to sleep early, I felt shit and I know I need sleep. At 11:30pm, I realise it's a Friday so it's not THAT late, but one of my housemates comes home and begins playing music, quite loudly just as I'm beginning to fall asleep. This goes on for some time. It's not loud enough to cause a direct disturbance but enough to keep me from falling asleep.

Just as she finishes, I start to drift off. Another housemate comes back from her holiday, decides that that time, roughly 1am, is the PERFECT time to have a shower. Her room is right next to mine, it's a power shower so it's pretty fucking loud. I can't help but think that the universe is fucking with me at this point.

After this, she starts unpacking. It's quite loud again. It's now 2am. I know my body will want to wake up at around 6 because it is a fucking cunt and always does. Eventually drift off at 2:30am ish.

It is now 6:30am. I have just woken up because my body is a cunt. Here I am, sleep deprived to fuck. My brain is still very much on fire. I am just about ready to set fire to every single fucking human on the planet. Honestly, what the fuck happened to common courtesy? Do people just not think of ANYONE else but themselves? Does common sense not exist either?

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    They don't know about your situation.
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    @irene exactly, he needs to make his or her presence known to the rest of the roommates or find a sólo crib
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    In this instance, the people involved do know. I've told everyone that I'm ill and would appreciate some quiet.

    In a wider sense, it shouldn't matter. It's common courtesy. The simple fact that I don't go around listening to my music when I wake up at 6 is solely due to my being able to understand that it's too early for that and most people are asleep and it's a dick move to wake them up with my music.
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    I mention in the rant that people know I'm sick and I've asked them to try and be quiet.

    I am currently looking to move solo but I currently live in the second most expensive city in the UK and am going to be moving to the first, so it's not going to be cheap.
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    @Charon92 there is more to making your presence known than just mentioning that you are unwell save for the shower the music you would have at least notified them by calling or sending a message or outright walking to the living room and reminding everyone of your health state
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    While definitely true, that is the point of the rant. Why is it that such a thing is not enough? Why do I *need* to remind people? It should be a common courtesy to not do that. Even if I were well, it's late, people shouldn't go around playing music that loud that late when there are others in the house.

    But I get your point.
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    @Charon92 yeah it's the world we live in even when you are unwell you have to be a dick about it so you can get what you deserve/need 😑
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    @Charon92 migraines are not understood by everyone. Being ill and having a migraine can be two different extremes depending on the situation and I do not think your roommates realize that.

    However, whoever starts unpacking directly after a trip at 2 am is probably a psycho 😂 JUST GO TO SLEEP GODDAMNIT
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    That's why we in Germany have Nachtruhe at 10 pm. And if one turns on loud music at 10:01 pm or later, there are ten people in the house who will definitely call the Ordnungsamt.
    I love it.
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