Sooooo I am not a fanboy. I do have my reservations when it comes to technology and whatever, but I live and let live and normally don't shit on stuff as long as it does not affect me or has any reasonable opportunity to affect others.

But my lead developer does, highly opinionated dude for a lot of shit (he ain't really my lead dev anymore in the sense of him being over me, i actually got promoted to a different department but have to continue working with him) and as such we sometimes go on some huuuuge rants regarding tech. With me, shit is simple man, you tell me you like something and I'll dig it, even if i don't necessarily dig it....i am pretty chill like that...ya dig?

Well the other day he was talking about how tvs like mine were too small for him, mine is a 55 inch, i don't think its small, it doesn't inconvenience me in any way really. But to his royal blindness shit is small.

I mentioned that I watch most of my shit lying down on my ipad pro, to were he starts talking massive amounts of shit about apple.

Now, as a previously hired and annoyed mobile developer, ios has a special place in my heart in which my only complaint about the platform was how xcode would fuck up from time to time. The languages were glorious(Obj C and swift) the cocoa apis were amazing(between ios and mac desktop....oooh la la) and the care that the apple store takes in not letting every other add infested garbage app to play a part in their store, the gloriousness of having your data secured as well as havinf applications compiled into the actual fucking operating system REALLY TOUCHES HOME WITH ME. ITS COOL IF IT AIN'T YOU, I AM TALKING ABOUT ME.

Oh. And ipads are smooth as fuck. This was something that I had to mention when he said that anything that I could do with my 1000+ dllr ipad could be done with his samsung table. Normally, I would be like "cool man" but diz doode insisted on making an android vs ios argument.

He insisted on me trying on his tablet. Boy it was the jankiest, laggiest shit I had laid hands on.......just like any other underpowered Android device. Don't get me wrong, my s9 works fucking amazing, but why in the name of heavens would you make an argument against a tablet whilst simultaneously using a piece of shit that doesn't even work properly? Are people really that delusional in their arguments that they would really be that wrong while still insisting on being right?

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    I love people like that, push their agenda then hand you sub par examples with a "but yea this is a cheapo"
    Give me an I device over an android anyday.

    Ps: not a fanboy either!
    I do like what Samsung and the like are doing with their devices, but the latency between touch and react is noticeable even when I'm using a 3.5 year old iPhone 6s, vs a Samsung s9
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    @C0D4 oh man he was convinced that there were ni lags or anything. I thought he was joking! It has happened that I get the cheapo excuse, but in this case he was serious.

    And I get you 100 percent man. I am honestly thinking about switching to an iPhone on account of having too many apple devices at home and that i want to add my own creations to my phone..i really refuse to code android apps ;___; having a device i can hack for would be nice
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    When you grow up and start actually using your devices for work, you'll also start appreciating the "it just works even if it's somewhat limited".

    Yeah, not a fanboy either but lately I have noticed more and more apple stuff around me 😅
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    @pullervo exactly! I don't need to change all the shit some people do on Android phones. Normally, all i do is: videos, emails and maybe a game or two.

    Calls and texts are a given, i really don't need to be able to do most of the shit the really dedicated people would want to do and frankly...i don't have the time!

    I just keep thinking that I might as well just bite the et and switch man :/
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    @AleCx04 I didn't even care to change the default background on my iPhone.
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    I stopped reading when you said "ya dig".
    yes, that guy is delusional, and there are many retarded sheeps like him.

    if someone hates things on a brand basis instead of a feature basis, im pretty sure that someone also has a too much air upstairs.
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    Sounds to me like he has a bit of the "I can never be wrong about anything" syndrome.

    I just leave my body when someone like this starts an argument. I really don't care about the arguments of someone like that.
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    Sadly there are a lot of these people in the dev world. Be it with products or programming languages
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    @kgbemployee it is basically how it is with him. He is still a great guy for the most part, i just greatly dislike how it goes when it comes to discussing taste or similar things.
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    @musician it gets exhausting
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    I've always been an Android person. A native Android developer as well who happened to have an iPad 2 for some time. Still, it is a matter of let us say... preference. It is not like Apple devices are the best in the world in every aspect, nor it is the case with Android devices either. They both have kind of different focuses, advantages and disadvantages. So, yeah. You make a fair point.

    I'm in for friendly discussions about differences of platforms, strengths and weaknesses. What Apple is lacking and what Android should improve. But not like a total war. It's childish really.

    P.S. I have a lot of opinions as well about different stuff, but generally, those opinions are backed by the majority of developers around the world, or in DevRant. xD
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    @iskandergaba agreed!

    Except for the last part. This is a highly opinionated and sheepy community. The majority votes that come from this community mean little to me.
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    Reeeeeeeeeeee MacBooks suck
    Reeeeeeeeeeee Arch Linux
    Reeeeeeeeeeee ...


    Im with you 100% on the community argument
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