I present to you the rubber duck I use for debugging.

that's right I dont have one. I just to talk to myself really. but what's curious is that when I do this, I tend to cock my head to a side, or turn slightly in my chair as if I was talking to someone just behind me. I didnt realize I was doing this until my cousin pointed it out to me coz it was creeping her out.

let me also mention that I used to have an imaginary friend growing up. his name's Jesse. I dont know if it really is just a weird mannerism or maybe I was still subconsciously talking to him.

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    Everything's OK until Jesse starts telling to murder someone. Then it's not OK, and she or he is probably not ideal for software development...
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    It'll all be over soon.
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    @xenonth I wish I could favourite a comment 😂
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